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Ziad K. Abdelnour, founder of Blackhawk Partners, Inc. is a trusted partner to DPG investments. DPG in conjunction with Blackhawk partnership specifically focuses on management led and leveraged buyouts, private equity transactions, and targeted alternative investments across all sectors.


Wayne Allyn Root on Death of the Middle Class, Financial Policy Council

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The Pentagon was declared the big winner of the massive federal budget bill that Congress passed for fiscal year 2014. The spending bill approves $497 billion for the Defense Department, or about the same as in 2013. The Pentagon gets an additional $85.2 billion for war expenses — about $5 billion more than it requested.

Weapons manufacturers are not celebrating, though. Industry sees long-term decline, global trends that could upend the arms business, and a Pentagon customer that is becoming consumed by internal budget battles and is reluctant to commit to big-ticket programs.

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